Participants, mostly current school board members, will be trained to code school board meetings using the ESBI instrument. As part of their training, they’ll learn about current school board research, how to analyze the effectiveness of their own school board meetings, and have an opportunity to compare their meetings with other school boards across the nation. Partners, mostly school board associations, will have early access to the training workshops for their members and early access to the research data as it becomes available. The Initiative will provide both free of charge at partner request, with earlier partners receiving priority access. Partners may use early data access to incentivize academics to collaborate and publish with the data prior to it being publicly available to everyone else.


The key expectations of partners are to invite their networks to participate in the coding, host coding trainings when appropriate, identify other potential partners and researchers, and share their logo for inclusion on the website.

Next Steps

If you are interested in learning more about the Initiative or becoming a partner, please contact any of the founding partners or collaborators.

  • Andrea Messina, Florida School Boards Association –
  • Debb Oliver, Nevada Association of School Boards –
  • AJ Crabill, Former Kansas City Public Schools Board Chair –